Landscape Enhancements & Installations

Landscape Enhancements & Installations

If you can dream it, we can build it. We offer a wide range of installation services and solutions to bring your vision to reality. We use the highest quality materials to ensure a sustainable and reliable solution to your project.


Whether it’s a small low voltage lighting project or a complete landscape renovation, we will take our time to make sure our plans are in-line with your vision and budget. We will sit down with you and discuss what your goals are, and tweak it until you are happy and ready to move forward. Any necessary permits or approvals will be taken to ensure your project is within regulations. If your HOA requires specific steps for your projects approval, please be sure to pass this along to us. We will complete any necessary plans and paperwork to keep your part as effortless as possible.


Our team of well trained individuals will bring that vision to reality. Keeping every detail in mind, all aspects of the installation will be completed with the utmost pride. All projects are different and require different techniques and strategies to ensure the best possible results. Whether the project takes one day or one month proper steps will be taken to preserve the surrounding environment. Job site cleanup and organization is another high priority. Tools, equipment, materials and trash will be policed and organized at the end of each day.

Following the completion of your project, any questions, instruction, and warranties will be given to aide you. Management plans can also be provided to guarantee the proper maintenance and care to keep your new landscape in top shape.



If you are looking to prepare a surface for a play set, building, etc. or route storm water away from your home we can help. Improper grading can lead to foundation problems, leaking basements, and saturated lawn areas. We have the equipment and knowledge to get the job done.


Storm water management is the foundation to having a sustainable home & landscape. We can evaluate and solve any storm water problems you may have. We have a wide range of systems and techniques to solve the worst drainage concerns.

Tree & Shrub

If you are looking to install plant material around the landscape there are a lot of elements to consider. We can help narrow down your choices by what works best in your environment or microclimate. We take a lot into account from sun/shade requirements, nutrient & water requirements, grade, drainage, climate, and the direction of the suns movement. We can also put together a management plan following the installation to ensure the best possible establishment for your investment.


Warm Season, Cool Season, or artificial turf, we have you covered. Just like trees and shrubs there are many factors that play a role in what will survive in your landscape and what you will struggle with. North Carolina falls into the “Transition Zone”. This means that we are able to tolerate both warm and cool season species however, we still struggle with both. We can help you decide which species of turf will fit your landscape best. Soil samples are taken prior to your lawns installation. This simple step allows us to attack your soils deficiencies.