Low Voltage Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting

Are you coming home to a dark and unwelcoming landscape in the evening? Chances are you have spent a lot of money on your landscape only to enjoy it during the day. In fact, the landscape can be the most enjoyable in the evenings. It’s great for entertainment, safety, security, and appeal.

Architectural Lighting

Lighting up your home or business in the evening is not only great for security reasons, but it also adds tremendous appeal and value. Far too often we notice lighting systems only reaching the first floor of the home. We have techniques and products to incorporate the second and third floor of your home through architectural mounts. Subtly outlining dormers will help show off the entire home.  We can promote your homes features like columns, pergolas, and stonework.

Landscape Lighting

Don’t stop with just the house, incorporate the landscape! Show off the exfoliating bark on your Crepe Myrtles or down light the large Oak tree. Improving your landscape with pools, fire pits, water features, retaining walls, and patios . You can enjoy all of it even more during the evenings by creating contrast. Using soft, natural light along dark sidewalks and driveways is great for safety. We can even install continuous moonlight for evenings on the patio or around the fire pit. The options are endless.


Let us assist you in upgrading your current low voltage lighting system. Landscape lighting technologies have increased quite a bit over the last several years. Old halogen systems are costly in  power usage as well as maintenance. An average halogen bulb will give you about 2 years of daily use. LED bulbs are here to stay. LED’s typically use 1/10th of the amount of power as halogens. That’s a huge power savings each year. LED bulbs also come with a 5 year warranty and can last up to 10 years!

Our Products

vistaWe only install premium Vista products. They are reliable, cost effective products that are made in America! Vista products also come with competitive warranties.

We highly recommend LED fixtures . LED lights not only offer less power consumption and lower the cost of power bills. They also require a lot less maintenance with bulbs lasting over 10 years. LED systems also require less wire since you can add more fixtures per line. Less wire leads to lower installation costs with lower labor and materials. Have you ever touched a halogen bulb moments after it turns on? You may need a rag or thick gloves! Imagine if a child tried to grab it. LED bulbs barley produces any heat making them safe to touch.


If you are looking for something unique to show off to your friends and neighbors, ask about the vPro solid state technology. You can adjust your lighting from any Bluetooth enabled device. Crank up the lighting during an event or party and then bring it back down to more subtle setting all from your phone or tablet.

Free Consultation & Demo

Let us know if you are interested in lighting up your home or landscape.  We can swing by and discuss options and fixture placements. We can provide you with a layout and even a demo to show exactly what the finished product will look like.