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Is your lawn looking a little bit drab? Want to give it an instant makeover? One of the easiest ways to do that is by having new sod installed, and at Turf Titanz, we are the Wake Forest turf pros.  

Turfgrass doesn’t grow overnight but with proper care, it can grow quickly. New sod, also known as turfgrass sods, is a layer of grass and soil that is rolled out over the existing lawn to give it a fresh start. Most people opt for artificial turf but there are many benefits to having real grass installed.

Benefits of Sod Installation in Wake Forest

Turfgrass can help reduce erosion and stormwater runoff. It can also help home values increase, especially in landscaped yards that are maintained regularly. The grass is the dirtiest form of ground cover so it’s best to get sod installation completed by professionals who know how to work with this type of material.

Turfgrass uses less water than other types of lawns too, making it eco-friendly. An artificial turf installation is only an option for those who want to avoid water restrictions and regulations, otherwise, there really isn’t any downside of putting fresh sod down on your property.

Sod Grass Installation Process

At Turf Titanz, we make the turfgrass sod installation process easy because we have your best interests at heart. We will carefully remove your old grass and weeds before installing new sod in its place. The whole process can be completed within a matter of days depending on how large your yard is and what type of soil you have.

Choose the Right Type of Sod

We have many different types of turfgrass that can be used during your installation. You may want to consider getting either Fescue or Bermuda grass.  The type of sod you choose will depend on how harsh your climate is and what you expect from the lawn.

For example, fescue is a type of grass that doesn’t handle extreme heat very well. Bermuda grass is a bit more resistant to the sun but it also won’t do well if you get a lot of rainfall.

If you’re not sure which grass will work best in your yard, consult with the experts at Turf Titanz so we can give you an honest opinion of what will be a good fit.

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Testing Irrigation Systems

During the summer months, your lawn may need to be irrigated daily. If you have an irrigation system already installed, you should consider having it tested before the installation process begins so you know for sure that it is working properly.

This will save time and energy because once the sod has been laid down, there’s no turning back.

Grading and Smoothing

Sod Installation in Wake Forest requires grading and smoothing the soil so that it’s flat. We will also get rid of any bumps or rocks. This is important for sod because it needs to be placed on an even surface.

We then level out the land around your home, which can decrease the chance of water pooling around the foundation. This can help prevent water damage that is often attributed to poor yard drainage and landscaping.

Sod Installation: The Final Step

Once we finish grading and smoothing the land, we will roll out the sod and begin the installation process. We will cut it with a small blade to ensure that it fits perfectly in its new home.

As soon as the sod is laid down, we will begin watering it so it can take hold and start growing in its new home. The experts at Turf Titanz want you to love your lawn so we will do everything we can to ensure that your turfgrass sods are installed properly and look amazing when they’re finished!

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