Why Your Landscape and Snow Removal Company Should Be the Same

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If you are hiring different companies for landscaping and snow removal services, you may be making a mistake. There are several reasons for getting your landscaping, as well as snow and ice removal, done by the same company. At Turf Titanz, we know a lot about the two services because we specialize in both of them! Removing snow and ice requires knowledge to do it correctly. Improper procedures can be extremely detrimental to your property by possibly ruining sidewalks and driveways.

Additionally, inadequacy can create unsafe situations for people where they may slip and fall. It’s imperative that a company tasked with clearing snow and ice is experienced and knows what they are doing relative to the landscaping. In this article, let’s look at the reasons why it makes the most sense to get your snow plowing and ice removal services from the same company that is doing your landscaping.

We Know Your Property

As your landscaper, we know your property. We know the unique characteristics of your property as no one else can. Maybe the terrain, slope, walkways, sidewalks, and other aspects of the property have special features. We know what those are and can work with them even when they are covered with snow. Because we are extremely familiar with the landscape, we know how to work around vulnerable areas and protect plants, trees, and bushes. The last thing you want is for a company to remove snow and create havoc on or even ruin work you have already invested money in.

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Sidewalks must be treated with care when using snow plows and other equipment that work on snow and ice. Because your landscaper has been on the sidewalk many times, we know what size plow to use to clear snow without damaging grass or beds. If your sidewalks are four feet wide, we won’t bring in a five-foot-wide plow to do the job.

A heavy piece of machinery can cause the pavement to crack when it is cold. When the temperature drops below the freezing point, the water trapped in the crevices freezes and expands, causing cracks to form or widen. Excessive weight on the walk can press the concrete down and result in cracks. Your landscaping company will pay attention to the best methods to employ in order for your property to still be intact and beautiful when spring comes around again!


Protecting driveways when using a snow plow requires knowledge of the equipment as well as the driveway. When a snow blower can be used effectively instead of a plow, we do so. A light coating of snow may not require a plow. Removing the snow before it hardens is optimum, if possible. Scraping away at the surface isn’t necessary if you can remove the snow soon after it falls. As your landscaping company, we know the property so that extreme care is given not only to the surface of the drive but also to the edges and curbs.

Parking Lots

As your landscaper, we know the importance of protecting your parking lots and edges. Shoveling often can prevent the need for snow plows that can damage the asphalt. But, if the accumulation is such that snow plowing is necessary, your landscaping company is knowledgeable about the property and can prevent damage to the plants or other landscaping features.

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You Know Us and We Know You

There is a lot to be said about using the same company for both landscaping and snow and ice removal instead of hiring separate companies. You already know us and the professional job we are doing for you. Not only do you know us, but we know you. As your landscaping company, we understand your expectations. And, we have a vested interest in protecting your landscape in the harsh season of winter.

Your Landscaping Is Important To Us Too

Because we have put time and energy into creating your landscape, we have “skin in the game,” so to speak. We want to protect your landscape. We know the property so we know how to remove snow and ice without damaging your property. We know how to de-ice your trees, uncover shrubbery, shovel snow off plant beds, and which sections to avoid with the plow. It only makes sense for the landscaping company to do both for you. We know which areas to pay the most attention to, the best tools to use, and the most effective way to accomplish the task. If a plant is damaged by snow removal and needs to be replaced, your landscaper knows what it is and how to safely plant it where a separate snow removal company won’t have the same expertise.

Our Account Managers Are Your Eyes and Ears

Routinely, we work with commercial property managers and owners who may live in areas other than where the property is located, so it’s important for us to be the point of contact and aware of the work. We have account managers who are on site and are checking the snow removal process so we are making sure everything is going well. This gives the property owner peace of mind during a time that can otherwise be stressful.

Trust Turf TitanZ for All Your Landscaping and Snow Removal Services

When you are anticipating a winter season that can bring all kinds of harsh weather like snow and ice, consider using Turf TitanZ to perform the removal in addition to your landscaping services in the warm months. We can be your one-stop shop to do both! Don’t look at using a separate company in the winter when we are already familiar with your property. Contact Turf TitanZ for all your landscape and commercial or residential snow removal services (919) 562-0071.