6 Tips For Landscaping Industrial Buildings and Warehouses

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When it comes to landscaping, you can’t leave industrial buildings out of the mix. Because the buildings alone may not be as aesthetically pleasing as some other structures, it’s important to add landscaping to improve the curb appeal.

An industrial landscaping plan can enhance the outdoor areas around your business and leave a good impression on your business. People who may not know a lot about your business will see that you care about the area, which will benefit you in the long run.

If you’re not familiar with industrial landscaping, we’re going to take a look at what it entails as well as why it’s so important for companies. We’ll also let you know how Turf Titanz’s commercial landscaping services can help to upgrade the landscaping around your property.

What Is Industrial Landscaping?

Industrial landscaping involves planning, designing, installing, and maintaining trees, shrubs, and other elements outside your commercial businesses. The goal is to find a landscape design that looks good and also reflects the image you want people to have of your business.

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Why Is Industrial Landscaping Important?

There are several reasons why you want to pay attention to the landscape around your building. Besides making the site look better, it also provides many other benefits.

Landscape design increases water efficiency

When you have a landscape design, it can increase water efficiency and cut costs. By using drought-tolerant plants and mulch, and installing subsurface irrigation systems, many industrial facilities can increase water use efficiency.

Landscape Design Impresses Tenants and Visitors

Having an industrial landscape design can impress visitors to your building and tenants. It sheds a positive light on the facility as visitors enter the area and also shows tenants that you care about your property. This can make them more likely to extend their leases. Visitors will also want to come back to the area because of the inviting atmosphere.

Industrial Park Landscaping presents a clean, crisp image

Owners of industrial parks are learning that they can present a clean, crisp image of their business with tree-lined streets, medians, and sidewalks. This positively impacts the visitor experience.

Landscape Design Can Add Security

When a commercial landscape includes tall trees and shrubs, it can act as a barrier to intruders. Adding a beautifully landscaped perimeter wall with proper lighting to your property can make it more difficult for unwanted guests to sneak a peek around the facility.

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6 Tips For Landscaping Industrial Buildings and Warehouses

If you’re thinking of giving the area around your building an upgrade with some fresh landscaping, here are some things to consider:

1. Start by evaluating the property and making a plan

Look around the property and get an idea of what you may want to include in your design. Calling professional landscape contractors can help you determine your landscape needs.

Industrial landscapes can vary in what they can offer. You can include trees, shrubs, and other elements to customize the look of your design.

2. Choose plants that will thrive in the conditions

Consider the North Carolina urban climate and choose plants that will thrive in the conditions and are low maintenance. Some easy ideas include adding green islands, like clumps of trees, bushes, or grass to break up concrete areas around the property.

You also want to consider factors like irrigation, foot traffic, and car exhaust fumes, as you think about what to include in your design. Hiring a professional in the landscaping industry can help you to choose the best plants and shrubs for your design.

3. Add mulch to protect plants and soil from rain and runoff

Mulch is an important element of any landscaping project. It acts as a blanket over the soil that cuts down on erosion and protects plant roots from temperature changes. When you add mulch over bare soil and around other plants, it can reduce runoff by absorbing water. This not only helps to reduce your water bill but also keeps pollutants out of waterways.

4. Install an irrigation system for easy watering

When you’re planning landscaping around commercial buildings, you want to install an irrigation system to make watering easier. There’s not going to be someone around all of the time to handle watering. An irrigation system can make sure all aspects of your landscape have sufficient water. Since all watering is timed, you can save money because there will be no over-watering of the area.

5. Use fencing or other barriers to keep people and animals out of the landscaping

Many landscaping designs will incorporate attractive fencing to keep animals and unwanted guests out. This is a good way to add an element that is both functional and attractive. Consider the architecture of the area so that whatever fencing or barriers you choose complements the space.

6. Keep everything well-maintained so it always looks its best

If you’re going to spend the money to incorporate a landscaping design around your industrial spaces, you want to keep up with the maintenance. A landscape management company can ensure the lawn is mowed, plants and shrubs pruned, and any gardens weed-free. This will increase your curb appeal and help to keep your landscape architecture in the best shape possible.

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