Site Inspections and Improving Landscape Safety

landscape site inspections

When you own a commercial property, it’s important to consider how the parking lot, pathways, entryways, lawns, trees, and surrounding areas comply with safety guidelines in order to keep visitors safe.

Our commercial landscaping experts know firsthand how seemingly small problems to a site’s landscaping safety can result in big problems. From injuries due to slips and falls caused by faulty irrigation lines to overgrown bushes or tree limbs scratching a customer or employee, it’s important to be aware of how to improve the landscaping safety of your property.

The professionals at Turf Titanz have the safety tips you need for maintaining a safe property with site inspection.

The Benefits of Professional Landscaping Site Inspections for Property Managers

The benefits of having a professional landscaping company come to your property for an industrial landscaping site inspection are vast. From adhering to OSHA safety standards to improving the curb appeal of your building and landscaping, our landscape professionals will help keep your property beautiful and safe.

Here are some of the benefits of a landscape safety site inspection:

  • Eliminate injury-causing hazardous materials.
  • Avoid equipment accidents.
  • Reduce the possibility of workers’ compensation claims.
  • Increase respiratory protection with proper landscaping treatments.
  • Eliminate dangers like low-hanging power lines, faulty irrigation, broken lights, or other areas of the property that can lead to slips and falls or other injuries.
  • Reduce the possibility of pests or rodents by keeping the trash areas clean and cutting back overgrown shrubs, grass, and trees.
  • Remove ice and snow, puddling, or other materials that can cause accidents.
  • Blow leaves and other materials off of pathways, making for easy entry to the building.
  • Improve curb appeal through the trimming of bushes, trees, flowerbeds, weeds, and more.
  • Ensure power equipment, fire hydrants, walkways, and other property features adhere to standard safety codes and are free from violations that could incur fines or other costs.

How Regular Site Inspections Help Improve Safety Outcomes on Your Property

When you have a professional commercial landscape safety inspection team come to your property for an inspection, you are providing your customers, residents, and employees with a safe environment to drive and walk. Additionally, safety tips for soil protection and the prevention of dangers that affect plant health will help keep your property looking great.

What We Look For During A Landscape Safety Site Inspection

When Turf Titanz comes to your property for a safety site inspection, we look for several areas of safety compliance.

Let’s take a look at some of the major landscape areas and issues we inspect for safety.

plant and shrub inspection

Turf, Tree, Shrub, and Weed Inspection

We look for overgrown weeds in all plant areas, ensuring that the edges of flowerbeds do not overgrown toward paths or walkways, restricting entries and exits. Ensuring that overhead tree branches are free from reaching cars, customers, and employees by scraping or poking them are important to site safety. We also check that all plant materials are properly pruned and cared for with the right equipment and fertilizers that will not cause any harm to nearby people or animals.

Pathway Inspection

Having a safe path from the parking lot to the door is important to a workplace as well as important to customers who visit your property. If there are chips or cracks that could cause accidents, loose stairs or railings, or no lighting protection for evening patrons, injuries that lead to workers’ compensation or pricy lawsuits might occur.

Trash and Debris Inspection

Trash and Debris Inspection

In addition to drawing infestations from rodents and other pests, when a trash area is not properly cleaned it is a turn-off to potential customers. Avoid odors and eyesores from unsightly and smelly trash and trash areas by properly cleaning and maintaining a trash area that is free from stains, spills, or other issues that can lead to health problems or injury.

Irrigation Inspection

Improper irrigation setup can cause unpleasant issues to your site’s vegetation, as well as to other areas of your property. if there are wet spots, hot spots, or other concerns regarding drainage, it’s essential to get the site up to code in order to be safe for everyone on the property.

Disease and Insects

From wasp nests hidden in trees to other potential draws for critters, it’s important to make sure your landscaping is free from any activity that can be unsightly, disturbing or carries disease.

Additional Areas to Monitor for Safety

Landscape industry professionals who are trained in safety procedures for commercial properties know what to look for in hardscape construction as well as horticultural soft scapes.

Some of the additional areas for inspection might include:

  • Erosion control.
  • Drainage systems.
  • Soil conditions.
  • Lighting systems.
  • Dog stations.
  • Fertilization.
  • Fire safety.
  • Ground covering.
  • Proper storage of equipment.
  • Signage.
  • and More!

How Professional Landscapers Can Help Implement the Findings of a Site Inspection

Once a site’s landscaping inspection is complete, you as the property manager will receive a full report of what you’re doing well and what needs improvements.

Our commercial landscape industry experts will then present you with solutions for implementing improvements based on our assessment of your landscaping. While some areas may be easy for a DIY project, like putting up appropriate lighting fixtures or signage, there will be other aspects that will need to be handled by professionals.

We can discuss a plan of action for how Turf Titanz will help you improve the landscaping design or how to make changes to bring your landscape up to the safety code.

Contact Turf Titanz for Wake Forest Commercial Landscaping Safety Inspections

At Turf Titanz our commercial landscaping safety professionals are thoroughly trained in the landscape industry safety standards required for commercial properties. Our contractor’s safety training has equipped them with the knowledge and skills to remove potential hazards and prevent injuries in your commercial space.

Contact us today for Wake Forest, NC, and surrounding area landscape inspections at  (919) 562-0771 or by filling out our contact form.

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