What is the Importance of Edging Your Lawn

The perfect lawn is one that is appealing to the eyes. Everyone wants their lawn to look good. That is why most lawn owners spend so much time mowing their lawns. 

But if you want your lawn to be at its prime, simply mowing will not be enough. That’s where edging comes in. Edging your lawn ensures it has that finishing touch that makes it flawless. 

At Turf TitanZ your property’s image is important to us. We’re sharing why lawn edging is important for your lawn and how it can help it be the possible best!

What is Lawn Edging?

The process of lawn edging refers to drawing neat and clean cut lawn lines. Edging trims the grasses and weeds that mowers can reach. Lawn edging is carried out by implements called trimmers or edgers. 

Lawn edging adds more time to your regular lawn maintenance. So why is it important?

Why is Lawn Edging Important?

When someone steps onto your property, your lawn’s appearance is going to determine their first impression. Lawn edging ensures that your lawn has a clean and professional appearance. The crisp and manicured lines speak of the time and value that has been invested in the lawn and give it an overall fresh and pleasing countenance. 

Adds Curb Value

Your lawn is an important part of your property. When you invest in your lawn you are automatically investing in your overall property. Since edging your lawn increases its appeal, it also increases the appeal of your property. This adds to your property’s curb and landscape value without spending too much money or time. 

Prevents Grass Roots From Invading

While it may seem that lawn edging only serves aesthetic purposes, it has a practical function as well. Edging your lawn ensures the grass is kept in check. This makes sure that the grass does not overgrow into flower beds or over the pavement. Essentially, lawn edging creates a root barrier. 

Prevents Plants From Growing Into Lawn

While it is important to prevent grassroots from invading flower beds, the same is true for the opposite case. You don’t want your flowering plants to grow into your lawn space. The flowers should remain in their flower beds for a cleaner appearance. Lawn edging will ensure these borders are maintained. 

Saves Unnecessary Trimming Time

Trimming can be an unnecessarily lengthy process. But when you’ve taken the care to properly edge your lawn, you save yourself from future trimming time. Next time you go out trimming, you’ll find there are very few grassroots that need to be checked.

Creates a Visual Barrier

Lawn edging is a great and practical way to create a visual barrier. When your lawn has neatly trimmed and manicured lines, you can easily direct people to walk in certain areas and stray away from areas such as flower beds. This way you protect your flowers from getting trampled on.

Enhances Lawn Features

Is there a certain area of your lawn that you want to stand out? Perhaps a specific flower bed or bird fountain? In such cases, lawn edging can come in very useful. The clean and professional lines that lawn edging creates will enhance certain areas of your lawn and help them stand out. 

Let Turf TitanZ Take Care of Your Lawn

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