Understanding Snow And Ice Management For Your Commercial Property

Snow and ice management

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to manage snow and ice removal during the winter. This means making sure that all driveways, walkways, and sidewalks are cleared to avoid the risk of someone getting hurt while you try to keep your business open.

We’re going to take a look at what commercial clients should look for when it comes to managing snow and ice removal for large areas to keep safety a priority.

Keys To A Successful Snow And Ice Removal Process

Proper Planning

When it comes to being efficient in removing snow and ice, you need a plan. This means hiring a snow and ice removal team that knows your property. Many companies choose to use their landscaping company as their ice removal team. This is because they are familiar with the landscape and know how to work around your property.

When you hire Turf TitanZ for your landscaping and snow removal, we want to protect your landscape just as much as we do. We’ll know how to de-ice your trees and uncover shrubs while knowing which sections should be avoided while plowing. We’ll also use reliable equipment to complete your snow removal as efficiently as possible.

Removal Frequency

You’ll have to decide how frequently you want your snow removed. Some customers want the area to be treated before the snow falls, while the snow is falling, and once the snowfall is done. You’ll have to set a schedule to decide how frequently you want your snow and ice removal company to shovel and plow.

Snow Pile Drainage Management

You may not think about it, but where you decide to pile your snow matters. If the snow gets piled over drains, melting water can freeze easily. This can ice over and block your drains.

If the drains are blocked, water from the melting snow has to find a place to go. This can mean beneath sidewalks which can lead to damage when it freezes and thaws.

Salt and Sand

Salt and sand are a big part of your snow removal plan because it helps to keep surfaces clean. When applied properly, salt and sand can help to keep walkways clear and provide traction for pedestrians. You’ll want to make sure salt is applied at a moderate rate so that it doesn’t harm the surface.

Parking Lots And Walkways

When considering parking lots and walkways, you want to hire a company that knows the importance of protecting your parking lots and edges. Shoveling can prevent the need for snow plowing that can damage the pavement. But, when a snowplow is necessary, your landscaping company will be familiar enough with your property to prevent damage and use the right equipment.

Your landscaper will also know what type of equipment is best to use on your sidewalks. They will know the best size plow to use to clean snow without damaging the grass.

A heavy piece of machinery can cause the pavement to crack when it’s cold. When the temperature dips below freezing, any water that’s trapped in the crevices freezes and expands. This causes cracks to form or widen. Any excessive weight on the walkway can press the concrete and lead to cracks.

Understanding the Types of Snow Removal Contracts

There are different types of snow removal contracts that you can choose when it comes to snow and ice removal. These are three of the most common:

Pay Per-Push, Pay Per Event

With this type of snow removal contract, you only pay when the snow falls. If there’s no snow, you don’t pay. You can check to see how much snow would activate your service.

Seasonal Contract

A seasonal contract typically includes a fixed price per month for snow services. The bill is always the same whether a crew comes out once a month or five times a month. Some property owners prefer this type of contract because they don’t have to worry about prices fluctuating each month.

Full-Service Seasonal Contract

Depending on the type of commercial property you own, you may opt for a full-service seasonal contract. This includes clearing the property constantly. This is for areas that have zero tolerance for snow and ice. Hospitals and healthcare facilities typically fall under this category.

This type of contract includes pre-treating surfaces as well as taking care of the property during and after a storm.

What Impacts Snow Removal Costs

There are a few things that impact snow removal costs.


One of the major factors that impact snow removal costs is labor. If you want to remove snow quickly, it will require more team members to get the job done. This means it’s going to cost you more. You have to consider the number of people that will be needed to operate snow removal equipment, apply ice melt, and hand shovel,

Vehicles & Equipment

Other factors that impact snow removal costs are the vehicles, equipment, and snow removal materials that are used. When you want ice removal, snow removal, and other services, you have to think about all of the equipment that will be needed. You want quality equipment that will get the job done.

Management and Support

Besides the people working at your property, there are plenty of people behind the scenes. From those answering the phones when you have an emergency to those scheduling the appointments, management and support costs need to be factored into your snow removal cost.

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